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8th October 2004

_kismet_10:55pm: Whoa, there's a community for Holland America? That excites me greatly.

I worked for Holland America this past summer, for the Alaska cruise season. I just worked out of the port, as a cruise line representative (mainly for the Volendam, Statendam, and Veendam, but also others), checking people in, loading them onto busses, basic crowd control stuff, etc etc etc. I had a blast. I am hoping to get myself on a Caribbean Cruise in February with a friend. :D

Yay for Holland America. :D

8th August 2004

thefallofsongs1:39am: i just got back from my very first cruise!

alaska was beautiful

annnnd i wish i was back on that boat. so....many...guys. GOD.


13th July 2004

nyrchicky9:18pm: Empress of the Seas
This is the ship I went on two weeks ago. I miss it (and a certain someone on the cruise staff) SO MUCH!

27th January 2004

renaissancekat8:13pm: new member post and request for help
Hi! I'm Amanda, age 30, native Orlando resident, and virgin European traveller. I received a BA in Humanities from Florida State University in 1995; this summer I'm planning my (long overdue) first trip to Europe.

My reason for posting is that I hope to go on this European cruise in July and need to find a travel mate. Current price for the cheapest accommodation is $2200 per person; a $900 deposit is required up front with the balance due in mid-April.

Time is definitely of the essence, as this is a discounted cruise with no guarantees on how long the rate will last. Please feel free to read my interests and journal to learn a little more about me. I'm very respectful of others' privacy; I hope to room with someone who also is respectful and who thinks they'll do okay sharing a room with a stranger for two weeks.

Please feel free to cross-post to any community or user who you think might be able to help! And thanks in advance for your time.

22nd June 2003

almost_human2:24pm: Delayed introduction
Hi I'm Jordan. I work for Holland America Line out of Port Everglades (Florida), primarily for the Zuiderdam and the Maasdam. I check people onto the ship and load them onto buses. Once in a while, I get to go onboard, where I get "lost" so that I can have a little break and explore the ship.

8th May 2003

joeyjack6:37pm: hi im joey
i was cruise staff on the Adventure of the Seas from Nov 2002 until April 2003
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